2012年12月13日 星期四

How to print screen of a single monitor only in a dual monitor environment?

no third party software is needed.

you just need to change windows presentation mode via keyboard shortcut, that is, winkey+P

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How to Pin Any File to the Start Screen in Windows 8

How to Pin Any File to the Start Screen in Windows 8

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2012年11月30日 星期五

ShadowDefender for windows 8 is out

Version - November 26, 2012 ShadowDefender

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2012年11月24日 星期六

Shadow Defender not work on Windows 8

Shadow Defender

message from the developer of Shadow Defender

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2012年9月28日 星期五

Interesting ... have windows boot to hibernation (save state)


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2012年8月28日 星期二

dvbviewer vs. windows media centre recording streaming digital TV programmes

dvbviewer official page

兩者都能全方位錄播數碼電視,用家在播放錄影節目時能隨意選擇節目語言和字幕,但 windows media centre 只能錄成自家 wtv 格式,而且必須用 windows media centre 或 windows movie maker 才能播放,同時很難找到工具轉換 wtv 到其它格式,如用 windows movie maker 將其轉換成 wmv,字幕便會消失。dvbviewer 就較大路,可錄做 ts 格式,方便轉換格式,並保留字幕。

dvbviewer 價錢只賣 HK$百多元,認真抵用,有畫中畫功能、timeshift、one tuner 兩台同時錄影等。dvbviewer 同時是個多媒體播放器,播放一般 ts 錄影檔當然沒問題,並附簡單剪片軟件 tsplayer。

如需轉換 dvbviewer ts 錄影檔到其它格式,並保留字幕,可用 xmedia recodefreemake video converter。關於 xmedia recode 字幕走位問題,可參考這篇

dvbviewer 教學請參考下面這兩篇。

關於將 wtv 字幕硬壓到其它影片格式,可用下列方法:

you need the help of videoredo tv suite h264

you also need another tool: freemake video converter

freemake is capable of hardcoding subtitle stream but it can't seem able to read native wtv correctly.

the workaround is to convert wtv to "ts" file with videoredo.

then open that ts file in freemake and you will find all audio and subtitle streams are kept intact.

now you can proceed to convert that ts file to video of other formats with freemake and the subtitle stream you chose will be hardcoded into. (soft subtitles to hard subtitles)

(you might check out the freeware MC-TV Converter to see if its ts output contains subtitle streams or not.)

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2012年8月12日 星期日

Mind the Gap ?


Mind the Gap 香港人看得最多的語句,相信必然是「請小心空隙」。英文亦然「Please mind the gap」。我們每日搭港鐵,每一個月台,每一車輛,每一次車輛開關門,都提醒我們「Mind the gap」 。這句話大有來頭,但靠它學英語卻大有問題。

「Mind the gap」來自倫敦,首見於1968年維多利亞大站,其後紛紛出現在紐約、多倫多、西雅圖等鐵路站。香港地鐵1979年開始運作,照抄無誤,直至今日,但港鐵比較有禮,加上個「Please」。

今日國內地鐵亦紛紛效法,天津跟足香港,包括「Please」、北京堂堂國都,不會全抄,稍作修改,是為「Mind the gaps」。引入眾數,完全得體。

上海與南京地鐵則另找途徑,它們的英句是「Caution, Gap」。有點粗魯但清楚無誤。涉及人身安全,信息愈短愈直接愈好,文質彬彬的「Please」不是很重要,最好是換上感嘆號:「Caution!Gap!」加強力度,至於上海的「Care the gaps」就不合格了。

就語文質素來說,原先來自倫敦的「Mind the gap」也不見得合格。不過文來自英國,殖民地自動捧場。

子女在公眾地方發脾氣,父親說:「Mind your manners。」有人八卦,說你閒話,你話:「Mind your own business。」「Mind」作為「小心」動詞,用來搭配自己或對方的行為,不能用來搭配「東西」或「情況」,如空隙。夜間拍拖,體貼女友,不是說:「Mind your steps」,而是「Watch your steps」。

如果港鐵有意改善它的公共空間英語,不妨考慮「Look out for the gap」、「Watch out for the gap」也很好,只比現有的來自以前宗主國的多一個字。

馮偉文 (逢周五見報)


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2012年8月11日 星期六

Android App: Screenslider

use screenslider to mirror windows 7 desktop on an android phone or tablet via wifi;

touching android phone screen to remotely control the windows 7 host pc via wifi ...

Screenslider at Google Market

Get Screenslider host application for windows 7

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2012年7月29日 星期日

GOM Player won't play rmvb files


or you might want to copy all codec files (*.ax and *.dll) in the \GomPlayer\codecs\ to the root directory \GomPlayer\.

now your GOM player will find the necessary realmedia codec {RealMediaSplitter.ax} and its dlls to play rmvb files.

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2012年7月25日 星期三

How to Backup & Restore Your Windows Phone 7

How to Backup & Restore Your Windows Phone 7

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2012年7月23日 星期一

Google 自家出品:Youtube 字幕下載利器

Download Google2SRT

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2012年2月8日 星期三

Bluestacks Android App Player for PC


Click "Get More Apps" and you should see the page to login with facebook OR BlueStacks Channels account. You should be able to sign up for new user account now and associate that with BlueStacks.

To sync apps on an android phone to the BlueStacks app player on a PC, download BlueStacks Cloud Connect download

If "Get More Apps" doesn't work, try to install apps (apk setup files) from local harddrive (PC) into BlueStacks. Follow this:
1) go to c:\program files\bluestacks\
2) right click on HD-ApkHandler.exe and create shortcut;
3) then place the shortcut on the desktop or into the "SendTo" folder (C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo\);
4) drag a local apk file to that desktop shortcut or into the SendTo folder;
5) that apk will install into the bluestacks appPlayer right away;
6) that app is now available in the appPlayer.

it works for me though it might not work for some apps apks.
(please rename apk file names to English for better compatibility.)

a mahjong android game now runs on my PC ... here we are ...

android hangman on my PC ...

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2012年2月5日 星期日

Android Off-screen Clock


an actual off-screen clock (not a lock-screen clock or something screensaver clock) resemble that of the Nokia N8. (you will notice that the screen actually goes off/black out and then a dim clock pops up; and all backlight are off.)

users can avoid pressing the power button to turn the screen on; with Off-Clock is on and active, users can use the HOME button to turn the screen on.

[[[one serious drawback]]]
for motorola milestone 3, whenever the screen goes off/black out, unanswered incoming calls will invoke a small green light at the upper right corner. This functionality is inactive whenever Off-Clock is on. I guess the reason is that the author disables all lighting functionalities to save battery.

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2012年1月28日 星期六

Facebook Timeline 一個有趣用法


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